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The Finest Rocking Horses from The Ringinglow Rocking Horse Company
Handmade to the highest standards. Rocking Horse restoration is second to none.

In addition to making our range of new traditional wooden rocking horses, we also sympathetically restore those that are need of a little love and attention. Whether your rocking horse has been damaged, over used or poorly painted, it can quite literally be transformed by restoration. The aim of any restoration is to increase the strength of your rocking horse whilst retaining all of its original character and value. Of course, in some cases, restoring a rare or antique rocking horse may actually decrease its value to a collector - we are always happy to advise you. Below are examples of the restorations we have recently completed, the before and after pictures are an indication of just what can be done, whether its simply a case of re dappling a rocking horse to carving new features such as ears. See us on Facebook...

VineRestoration of an FH Ayres Rocking HorseVine

FH Ayres Rocking Horse Before RestorationFH Ayres Rocking Horse After Restoration

When this No 5 Ayres rocking horse came to us, not only had he been badly painted he had significant damage to his legs, ears and mouth.

After the necessary repairs had been made he was traditionally re-gessoed and hand painted. Hand stitched tack made to the original Ayres pattern was applied along with a new flowing mane and tail.

After a short spell with us he looked virtually identical to how he would have done the day he was bought.

VineRestoration of a G & J Lines Rocking HorseVine

G&J Lines Rocking Horse Before RestorationG&J Lines Rocking Horse After Restoration

This G & J Lines rocking horse came to us needing a little attention, he had also been badly painted and required some modification to his ears and nostrils to better match them to the original G & L Lines pattern.

Again he was re-gessoed and dappled and given new hair and tack to the original G & L Lines design.

He is now a fine example of G & J Lines Rocking Horse


VineRestoration of a Collinsons Rocking HorseVine

Collinsons Rocking Horse Before RestorationCollinsons Rocking Horse After Restoration

When this Collinsons Rocking Horse came to us he was in need some restoration. Although he was in very good condition, with the original tack and hair still attached, he was looking tired and worn.

We began by gently sanding him and strengthening his legs, once stable he was primed and then dappled by hand with the distinctive all over dappling seen on Collinsons horses. New hair and original pattern tack was applied and he was mounted back on his stand ready to take on the world again!



Mr. and Mrs. Hodges:

Just to say thank you for restoring the rocking horse so beautifully, I am really delighted with him, thank you so very much. The grandchildren have not been off him since he came home, so that is keeping them occupied, if not arguing over whose turn it is!

Mr. and Mrs. Morgan:

Many thanks for the rocking horse, it couldn't be more precious if he were alive. The sentiment for its restoration for our first grandchild cannot be evaluated. Many, many thanks from us all.

Mr. Crouch:

This is to express my gratitude and delight in the work you have accomplished during Victor's restoration. He is truly magnificent and I spend time sitting admiring him. The quality of the paintwork far exceed my hopes and expectations.

Mrs. Willcox:

Thanks for the really excellent job that you have done in restoring 'Dapple' to his former glory, we very much appreciate what you have done for him. You may be certain that if we ever need to obtain another horse our first port of call will be The Ringinglow Rocking Horse Company!


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