Wooden Toys







          Trucks and lorries of all shapes and sizes

High quality wood, with durable plastic tyres for every truck tournament

from 22



Beautiful dolls house made with highest quality wood, with detachable walls and staircases your dolls may never have the same house twice.

Single house 140 (left picture)

Why not give your dolls an extension and build a garage and balcony for 70 (top right picture)


A range of very high quality beech wooden toys, made in the EU - NOT China ! 

These toys are exquisite.


          NK5 Rocking Motorbike

NK7 Baby Rocking Horse

          NK5 (2 Wheeled Motorbike)
99.99 + 25 delivery
        NK7 (Baby Rocking Horse)
59.99 + 25 delivery

          NK10 Rocking Duck         NK11 Rocking Chair
          NK10 (Rocking Duck)
59.99 + 25 delivery

NK11 (Rocking Chair)
59.99 + 25 delivery

          NK22 Rocking Motorbike

NK27 Rocking Horse

          NK22 (3 Wheeled Motorbike)
159.99 + 25 delivery
        NK27 (4 Wheeled Rocking Horse)
89.99 + 25 delivery

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